Monday, October 31, 2011

Congratulations on your 7 billionth child

Dear Mother Earth

Today, we are told your 7 billionth living child will be born somewhere in your abode of wonders. 7 billion of your children will now be living, breathing and enjoying the home you maintain for them.

It is quite an achievement, one worthy of respect. Only 13 years ago your 6 billionth living child was born. In fact, it is even more worthy of respect since while 7 billion of your children live now, over 80 billion have lived before. All of them nurtured and looked after by you, unquestioningly and in good faith. Indeed, we have prospered under your care, as the numbers show.

Sadly, we your children don't give the respect that you earned. We are a rebellious bunch and are extremely arrogant. While many of us sit here eating our way through your generous provisions, we pay little attention to where it comes from, who it goes to or what we'll do when your ample store runs out.

Indeed, we now fight over this generous gift and have done for generations! Hording, stealing and trampling over each other in our pursuit of your gifts. How angry you rightfully must be. This gift is for all, given without prejudice, yet we think we own it and have the right to say who get's what.

We even dig out all of the nasty stuff you had hidden away in your deepest darkest cupboards underground, safe from our inexperienced hands, and burn it in our orgy we call 'progress'. But this progress greatly hurts you, it chokes you, starves you. In our arrogance we hurt the very mother that looks after us.

You've tried to tell us, 'climate change' we call it as we ignore it's effects as we carry on with our 'progress'. Ignore as we slaughter some of your other children to extinction; the rhino, the tiger, the whale, all victims of our 'progress'. Ignore you despite your warnings, the storms, the floods, the earthquakes.

I feel you grow weary of nurturing us dear mother, I don't blame you. We, your children, cannot keep living like this in your home. One of us will reach breaking point. In your time, you have seen many of your children die out. Don't let us go the same way because of our stupidity.


Jack Cope

Child 80,418,626,841

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