Help Me

Right, some of you enjoy this blog so much you want to pay me to do it. Yeah, I thought it was a joke too but apparently it's serious. Anyway, I really don't want to take your money so here are a few things you can do to help me:

Read my stuff and comment

I write because people like reading it. You're reading and enjoying of this blog is all the payment I ever need so do tell me your thoughts and views in the comments section. You will need a blogger profile as I hate anonymous comments. Don't worry, signing up take minutes or seconds if you have Gmail address.

Follow the blog

I did install a 'follow' button recently because apparently the old one didn't work. So please, follow so I know I have a few 'fans' to boast about. You can use the 'Follow by Email' button if you don't like Blogger's follow options.

Tell someone else

Liked it? Share and enjoy and spread the love etc. There are 'share' buttons at the bottom of each post as well.

Alert me to my errors

I make a lot of mistakes, so tell me. Politely or I'll ignore you.

Send me ideas

Seen something neat? Email it to me and I'll read it. If I write about it later, I'll try to remember to credit you. If I don't, rant and rave at me in the comments section.

Say hello

I like to know who my readers are so do drop me a line saying hi via my email. I do normally write back eventually...

Send me something nice

I collect all manner of odd things in my 'Jack's box of amazing things' that sits on my shelf. So if you have something small and unique that will fit in an envelope or similar then let me know and I'll give you a mailing address. PS would be letter bombers; the address given is a PO box that won't accept parcels, any letter bomb sent there will be sent straight back for your enjoyment.

Or a postcard!

I do Postcross from time to time. It's a bunch of enthusiasts/weirdos who like getting stuff in the post who send postcards to each other around the globe. Read about it here and again, email me for a mailing address:

And if you must

If you're money is burning a hole in your pocket and there isn't a decent cause to give it to then by all means use the PayPal button bellow. Can't use PayPal? Email me and I'll sort something out. Thanks.