Monday, January 31, 2011

So much for trying again :-|

So, I said I'd try again and didn't. Well, we all expected that didn't we? I did anyway. So, here goes, I'll write something. I doubt anyone reads this junk but anyway, let's try.

Egypt has been on my mind a lot recently for obvious reasons. The protests there have calmed down a bit but the place is still on edge. I pray that the Egyptians, like the Tunisians, get what they deserve. I also wish that US in particular would keep their hands off but we shall see. It is no surprise that the tear gas that was being fired at protesters had 'made in the USA' printed on the cans... the hypocrisy exhibited by the US really does get to me. On the one hand they insist that they are the 'bastion of freedom' but on the other, they prop up dictators the world over. Taking of dictators, my current favorite pic from Egypt:

Good luck selling the scumbag....

Enough about that, something to talk about later. I'm out right now, KL Sentral, one of my preferred spots in KL. Lots of people from all over the world walking around for me to study and draw, relatively cheap food and plenty of free WiFi if you know what you're doing. I *was* meant to be meeting someone but she got stuck in traffic. Can't have it all which is why I was shopping for mobile broadband. Since I live online, I have to run my website and answer tonnes of emails from people, I can't *not* be online. Ha, pathetic excuse I know but it's all I've got to justify spending an extra 50RM a month.

What else? Ah, my book. Well, that has ground to a halt again. I have two on the go, my novel which I don't think I will ever let anyone see because it's crap and my book about the French Revolution. I'm writing that one because I think that there is something lacking in the history books out there. The French Revolution was one of the most passionate times in the history of mankind but reading your average text book, you get no idea of that. The amount of people who refuse to study the subject is terrible! It's schools fault really, if you teach students dates and expect them to just memorize set things, they will be bored. So, I'm writing a nice short history of the subject to try and light people's passions and get them more interested in history. I've just about finished chapter one and found my publisher wants to charge a rather large sum, around 4RM for 300 pages, to print the damn thing plus 500RM to typeset it, then distribute it. Upon which the bookshops that sell the book take 50%-70% of the profit, leaving me whit what's left on a consignment basis. Still, for me it's not so much about the money, it's about getting people interested, breaking even would be nice though. Anyway, I'll post a preview of it someday soon and see what you all think. Maybe.

I can't believe by now that anyone is reading this, so I'll stop now. Goodnight all.



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's try again...

OK, so I promised said I'd do a blog and then never did it. So, lets try again shall we? And this time, I'll actualy write some stuff huh? As if anyone will read it...